About Us



We are a small corporate citizenship-consulting firm assisting small and medium-sized businesses, professional athletes, artists/entertainers and family foundations to maximize their impact on their people, the planet, and increase their profit by maximizing their social good.


We do this in a number of ways such as our,

  • Corporate Citizenship SWOT Analysis
  • customized training programs
  • complete program creation
  • program facilitation
  • workshops
  • publications
  • etc.



About Mike & Tonya 

We have 20+ years experience in the nonprofit sector and have successfully launched, managed and consulted numerous organizations and programs.  So we know what works and what doesn't. In fact, we live it; we are located in a diverse, urban setting. We thrive in the cross-cultural urban landscape and love to  train people like yourself to be effective in your target community.



Investing into the Community

Neema itself is a social enterprise that invests 10% of its profit to urban youth leadership and entrepreneur development programs.

nee*ma [Swahili]: verb

"Neema" is a multifaceted Swahili word which meanings can be summed up as “caring and giving out of one’s abundance”. That is what we are all about, helping our clients determine and implementing their goals of charitable giving.